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    1. Welcome Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Oil and Gas & Water Treatment

      Oil and Gas & Water Treatment

             Established in 2013, The Oil, Gas and Water Treatment department consists of the oil and gas divisions and the water treatment chemicals department. This department provides professional solutions and chemical raw materials in drilling, cementing, oil and gas extraction, fracturing and acidizing, gathering and transportation of oil and gas, oil refining, wastewater treatment, cooling water treatment, reverse osmosis and other process applications.


       BiocideIG 50\Kathon\DBNPA\BP-M

                   DB 20\RO 20\RO 150\RO 8535


                   Octylphenol polyoxyethylene ether(X)\

                    Polyoxyethylene alkyl ether

       Specific Surfactant: Alkyl glycosides\ 

                    Alkyl two phenyl ether two sulfonate\

                    EO/PO copolymer

       Ethylene amine                         Ethanolamine

       PEG                                            Ether solvent

       Dirt dispersion agent(Acumer)

       Silicone oil                                 Silicone defoamer

       Silicone demulsifiers

       Demulsifiers:Witbreak?        Reverse demulsifier

       Foamer                                      Oil field cleaning Surfactant

       Tertiary amine:                       MDEA


       Foamer:Betaine                      Drag reducer 


       Epichlorohydrin                        Chelating agent


      Cases for Oil and Gas & Water Treatment